Stop by at Lucky’s Winery in Hunter Valley and have a chat with the winemakers there: you’ll come away with not only a case of superb wine, but also a head full of philosophical ideas and quasi-mysticism you might not have expected from a trip down to a cellar door. Why? Because Lucky’s is a winery which believes in balance, the harmony of nature, the yin and yang in all things. If this sounds a bit strange, it shouldn’t. After all, truly great wine has always had balance at its very heart; The balance between acid and alcohol, between tannin and fruit, between strength and subtlety, approachability and refinement.

What’s more, Lucky’s unique approach to winemaking is all about bringing together blends of high quality Hunter Valley grapes, and allowing them to sing together in the bottle and bring out the best in each other’s characteristics. If that isn’t magical, then we don’t know what is!

Shiraz and Pinot Noir grapes are grown in some of Hunter Valley’s finest terroirs, where sunshine meets brisk breezes, perfect for allowing those gorgeous berries to reach a superb level of ripeness. As seems to be now be standard in this part of Australia (thankfully), chemical intervention is as minimal as can be, and a whole host of traditional and natural methods are engaged to ensure nothing really gets in the way of the fruit doing its thing in the bottle.

The results are massively impressive: Lucky’s wines are exactly the kind of thing you’d love to share with your mates on a sunny afternoon, and walk that careful line between the highly drinkable and the complex, giving you plenty to ponder as you drain yet another glass. This is wine which wears its eccentricity on its sleeve, achieves all of its aims, and tastes absolutely delicious while doing so. Here’s to universal balance… now, pour us another one!

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