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January 23

Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio. Are these two different grapes? Why the two different names? Let's uncover the truth.

January 29

What it is, where it comes from, what it does for a wine, and what to do with it.

February 7

How long can I keep a wine open?
We’re going to chat about the wines that last the longest once their opened, the best way to store your wine to make it last longer after opened, how to tell if it has lost its freshness, and what to do with leftover old wine.

February 21

How to order wine at a restaurant like a boss.

February 26

Ageing and Cellaring Wine.
How to know which wines are age worthy, what to expect from an aged wine, and the best way to cellar them.

March 6

Purple teeth (AKA red wine stained teeth). The do's and don'ts of how to handle it AND prevent it!