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November 20

Let's chat about Sav Blanc, why it taste different from different wine regions, the foods it pairs with, and more.

November 28

Tannin. What it is, how to detect it, how to taste for it, where it comes from, the grapes known for it, and the foods that pair best with it.

December 3

Shiraz - We'll chat about the grape, its character, stylistic differences depending on origin, and why the name is different here is Oz.

December 11

Best wines for your Xmas feast. Why they pair well, the things to look for in a wine to go with christmas dinner.

December 18

Getting ready to level up your wine game so your annoying cousins can't show off at Christmas.

Dececember 27

Prosecco vs Traditional Method Bubbles. What's the difference?

January 3

Oak. What does it taste like? What does it feel like? The grapes known for it and more.

January 8

Light Skin vs. Thick Skin grapes. What the skin implies about the wine's structure, flavour and appearance.