Nothing can create a kaleidoscope of flavours like a few pinches of spice. They can transport your tastebuds to every corner of the earth, stirring up vivid images of foreign lands and exotic cultures.

Meet Kim Ridley - owner of The Spice Trading Company in Lennox Head NSW. Before she was a Stay at home Mum / Entrepreneur, Kim travelled the globe to far-flung places experiencing incredible sights and equally as amazing flavours.

Some years later, inspired by her gadabout-ing, Kim founded The Spice Trading Company and developed a range of all natural spice blends that evoked the flavours of her global travel adventures.

Image From The Spice Trading Company

Wanting to share these culinary delights with her Son it was important that the spice blends contained all natural ingredients to support the healthy lifestyle that they enjoyed together.

She wanted the spice blends to suit a variety of specialised diets, so the ingredients are gluten free, sugar free, low in sodium and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are also Non GMO.

“The vibrant colours, exotic tastes and heady aromas of the ancient spice market in Old Delhi are the inspiration behind The Spice Trading Company."

We absolutely love the spice blends that Kim conjures up so we’ve packed our winesquad boxes with a few special spices this month! Create some gourmet dips from their instructions or use them to season a favourite meal and then taste test their herb flavours to see if they contrast or compliment your glass of wine.

Happy wine journey!


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