The beautiful wine region of Gascony in south west France has a viticultural history that never fails to leave us utterly impressed and awe-inspired. The first vines were cultivated here during the Roman occupation over two thousand years ago, and wine has been the very lifeblood of the region ever since. Bottles are brought out at every meal and during every celebration, and wine is enjoyed as a key part of daily life - exactly as it should be.

It’s in the heart of historic Gascony that we find the stunning winery of Sentier dans les vignes; a traditional operation that’s striving to keep the flawless reputation of this part of the world at its peak… and the vintners here have the expertise, skills, and knowledge of their land to hit the high notes with each and every bottle released.

The philosophy behind Sentier dans les vignes is one we can really get behind. The winemakers know that their carefully-selected vineyards have what it takes to produce top-quality fruit, and they know that the terroir and climatic conditions of their region are likewise exemplary when it comes to growing grapes.

As such, there’s not a whole lot to do other than let nature take its course, keep all kinds of intervention minimal, and harvest the grapes at the perfect moment. After that, all that needs to be done is the fermenting, the barrelling, and the bottling… and not a drop of expression is lost in the process. These guys really are masterful at making the most of their local grape varietals, and we take our hats off to their craftsmanship and flawless execution. Vive la vie Française!

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