There’s been a lot of talk about the Robe region in recent years, and if you’ve had your finger on the pulse of the contemporary Aussie wine scene, the chances are you’ve heard all about this special stretch of land and the awesome vino it is producing.

Robe is an emerging wine region on the Limestone Coast in south-eastern South Australia, with vineyards that run along a rugged coastline where the vines are strongly influenced by the cooling effect of the Southern Ocean. This means vineyards in the region, like those of Karatta Winery, have the opportunity to create wines with pure fruit flavours and mouthwatering freshness — big win.

Karatta has been gaining a whole lot of interest lately, and it really isn’t difficult to see why: run by David and Peg Woods, this new Australian winery is bringing together the best of the Old World and the New, and is releasing highly drinkable and utterly delicious wines to a growing number of dedicated fans.

Karatta takes its name from Karatta House, a heritage building in the heart of Robe that was constructed way back in 1858. David and Peg (whose family were genuine Robe pioneers, having been behind the Karatta steam freighter that once ran the route between Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, and Port Lincoln) took on the mammoth task of renovating Karatta House, and turned it into a modern winery just a couple of years ago. Their mission? To explore the local terroir’s potential for growing classic Burgundy grape varietals - among others - and seeing what could be made of the world’s favourite grapes in this unique corner of Australia. We’re more than glad that they put the effort into this massive project, as the wines coming out of Karatta are exactly the kind of bottles you want to crack open with your mates, and enjoy alongside some delicious home-cooked food.

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