When I was little I probably wasn’t alone in wanting to be an astronaut when I grew up. Alas I hate to disappoint but I am writing this blog with my feet firmly planted on Earth.

But I was pleased to hear that I share something with Astronauts all the way up there in space - and it's a tastier commonality than you might expect.


Thats right, good old salty dried meat. I absolutely love the stuff and it turns out NASA has been shipping the delicious snack up to space with cosmonauts since the 1990’s.

It’s a lightweight snack with a huge nutritional punch, packed with protein - the perfect type of space food and probably a lot tastier than whatever they get in those tubes.

The word “jerky” comes from a South American native tribe called the Quechua who called it ch’arki which means ‘to burn (meat)’ When the Spanish Conquistadors came along they eventually named it Charqui.

Fast forward to the Spanish invasion of the Americas - the native Americans, who were making their own Jerky style snack (only this time with buffalo, elk and deer meat), quickly adopted the word, but with their accent, they pronounced it as ‘Jerky’ which has stood the test of time.

Here at the Wine Gallery, we are stoked to be including some delicious Just Jerky in this Months Wine Squad boxes! Now if you haven't heard of Elisa from Just Jerky yet, watch out because with a Shark Tank appearance around the corner and national distribution we think they’re about to hit the big time!

Just Jerky is just that - delicious, sustainably sourced, grass fed beef jerky. Their mission is to ensure explorers of all kinds (from bloggers to astronauts) can adventure for longer by being fuelled by the highest quality beef jerky - just like the riders from the mountains who inspired them on one of their own adventures!


Just Jerky boasts 3 tasty flavours; Original (garlic and pepper), Hot Chilli and Herbed plus if you want more, Elisa has given Wine Gallery members 15% off using the code JJLOVESWINE!

So what are you waiting for? Grab some jerky and a glass of wine and enjoy!

Need help finding the perfect glass of wine to go with your jerky? Why don't you take our palate profile quiz and find 3 wines matched to your tastes!