You’re just settling in to the new series of Stranger Things on the couch. You crack open that bottle of Malbec you’ve had your eye on. You blindly reach to grab the glass and….you’ve inadvertantley redecorated a patch of your carpet a nic shade of pink.

Never fear! With these speedy steps the nightmare of Netflix & Spill will be over.

White Wine

This is probably my favourite tip so it comes first. You may have just opened a bottle of red, but this tip means cracking open a bottle of white as well! Party time!

Strange as it may sound, the white wine will neutralise the colour of the red and make the stain far less visible.

Follow this up speedily by dabbing water onto the stain and then drying. Repeat until the stain is gone.


Salt + Water

This is great only if you’re quick to action after the spill, so move fast!
Grab some salt and apply liberally to the spill. Cover the whole thing with a thick layer of salt.

Leave for 20 minutes and scrape off. The salt will have absorbed much of the liquid right out of the carpet!

Use a damp cloth to clean the rest up and voila!


Vinegar + Dishwashing liquid

If you don’t get to the stain in the first 10 minutes, try something a little strongger.

Grab a bowl and fill with warm water. Mix in a spoon of vinegar and a spoon of dishwashing liquid. Stir to combine and then splash this over the stain.
using a towel, dry the area and repeat 3-4 times over about 20 minutes.


New carpet

This is my go-to method….ha ha. Not really. But I did once drop a full bottle of Cabernet on a plush pile cream rug. I thought the effect was pretty remarkable. The rug’s owner didn’t agreee with me, so I coughed up for a new rug…..thanks IKEA.

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