There are some parts of the world where it seems it’s almost impossible to make wine badly.

One which immediately springs to mind is France’s Loire Valley, where you’d be hard pushed to find a bottle which doesn’t scratch an itch when it comes to everything from hearty, juicy table wines to seriously refined, well-aged complex numbers packed full of fascinating features.

It’s here we find the winery started by the late Guy Allion, the eponymous wine maker who carried on the traditions of the region with the goal to get the essence of the Touraine sub-region in every bottle, for the world to experience.

Guy Allion worked tirelessly to grow and expand his family winery - originally a farm used for more or less everything except winemaking - which, over the past forty years, has gone from six hectares to twenty-seven.

Today he is succeeded by his extremely capable son, Cedric, who was keen to inject a bit of modernity into an otherwise very traditional operation when he stepped up in 1999. Guy Allion is all about careful, minimalistic viticulture, keeping intervention low and expression high.

It’s clearly been a successful philosophy to follow - this is a winery which continues to impress year on year, and grow from strength to strength.

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