Adelaide Hills is quickly establishing itself as one of Australia’s premier wine regions, and this is mainly due to the renewed vigour and energy being brought to the area by a new generation of vintners; vintners such as Hugh and Sarah Guthrie.

The Guthrie winery is very much a family affair headed by Hugh, who claims his desire to run his own winery was brought about in part by wanting his kids to have the sort of childhood he had enjoyed on his parents’ farm.

This isn’t just a passion project, though - the Guthries are highly trained, award winning winemakers who know that the secret to producing great wines is to have complete control over a small estate, on which they can get their hands dirty and have total involvement with every step of the process.

Guthrie’s output mainly revolves around the key Aussie varietals of Shiraz and Chardonnay, although they are beginning to explore less usual grapes and take advantage of their uniquely cool and balanced microclimate.

This has resulted in their ‘concept’ range, which covers global grape varietals such as Gruner Veltliner, Montepulciano and Riesling, and techniques including wild fermentation and minimal fining to produce truly characterful and unusual Adelaide Hills wines.

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