The Stellenbosch region of South Africa is rightfully recognised as one of the finest in the New World. Here, generations of expertise meet a landscape which seems almost tailor-made for viticulture; blazing sunshine, a long growing season, cool nights which bring out all that ripeness and acidity, and a wide array of soil types which give vintners plenty to explore and play with. Glenelly Estate sits in the very heart of Stellenbosch and epitomises just what it is that makes this part of the world so very special.

The winery was set up in 2003 by the 78-year-old May de Lencquesaing, who was keen to explore the potential of Stellenbosch when it came to producing the southern French wines she loved so dearly. Her team found that the varied soils and microclimates of the Stellenbosch was ideal for French varietals, and the sheer range of options available meant that they were able to grow Bordeaux and Burgundy grapes to their heart’s content.

Since 2003, Glenelly has grown to become a powerful brand in Stellenbosch wines. Their dedication to excellence and refinement adds a touch of glamour and French sophistication to the region and provides even more options and range for those seeking to explore the heart of this stunning location. By using a variety of traditional French and modern global winemaking techniques, the team (now spearheaded by May de Lencquesaing’s grandsons) continue to make spectacular and elegant wines, which perfectly bring together the best of the Old and New Worlds.

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