Most winemakers we know tend to be highly passionate, but almost permanently exhausted individuals. After all, producing top quality vino isn’t exactly a part-time job, and it’s a vocation that generally sees you fretting about in the middle of the night, trying to predict the perfect time for grape harvesting, and then fretting about all day trying to keep on top of the hundreds of different tasks that the job demands.

Quite how Gerard Bertrand - the owner of this superb eponymous winery based in Languedoc-Roussillon - manages to not only come across a supremely calm and confident individual, but also run a massively popular winery, head a successful wine tourism business and work as Ambassador of the Mediterranean Art de Vivre, really is anyone’s guess. It’s probably something to do with the southern French diet, or it may well be in connection with the fact that Gerard grew up among the vines of this region, and knows his southern French terroirs perhaps better than anyone else.

Whatever the source of Gerard Bertrands joie de vivre and boundless energy, one thing really is beyond all doubt: that his wines are among the friendliest, tastiest, and most approachable examples of Languedoc-Roussillon reds, whites, and sparkling bottles we’ve ever come across.

Unpretentious yet complex, high drinkable yet still offering plenty to talk about, they are made from indigenous grape varietals grown according to traditional methods, and processed in a simple, straightforward, and low-chemical intervention manner. The result is a portfolio of wines which beautifully capture all the sunshine and laid-back attitude of the South of France, made from grapes grown in some of the finest estates in this part of the country.

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