Setting the scene

One sunny afternoon, not long ago, if you had poked your head past the roller door at the Wine Gallery HQ, you would have found us all sitting around our internal wine bar (read communal desks) celebrating!

It had a been a great month. We had launched the new platform and our organic customer traction had started to pick up nicely. And on top of that, we had managed to score the award for best new Australian E-Commerce Startup. So morale was high. But at the same time, we knew that this was just a good start. And our minds quickly shifted to the list of ideas we wanted to do next.

And that's about the time we realised that our grand ambitions were being stifled by a few key skill gaps. You see, Banjo (Chief Wine Officer) had the wine skills down pat. Humberto (Chief of Technical Stuff) had the coding skills. Tom (Chief of Everything Else) had some finance skills. Yvonne (Customer Happiness) knew how to keep our customers smiling. And James... Well, let's just say James can pack a mean box of wine.

One of the things our motley wine crew was sorely missing was a full stack developer to take ownership of our website and admin web systems and help out Humberto with our grand ambitious ideas to become the #1 Netflix/Spotify for wine in the world. We needed someone who could read our entire codebase and feel comfortable to jump in to make changes, suggest new features, make improvements and take ownership of new projects from end-to-end (a mobile app to start maybe?)

Who we're looking for?

As our Engineer #1, you have an entrepreneurial mindset and will work with our CTO and other founders to help plan and build the next generation of wine discovery/recommendation tools.

This is a place where you have a say in what you work on in support of our mission to open up the world of wine.

Our current stack includes Python/Django, Postgres, Docker, AWS and you will help us choose new front-end and mobile technologies.

You may be fit if you:

  • Have fun being a generalist working on both the frontend, backend, and anything it takes to build tools to delight users both internally and externally.
  • Have at least four years of experience in full-stack web development and strong SQL skills.
  • Have some experience using Django, AWS and front-end.
  • Have experience or interest in learning React.
  • Are entrepreneurial, autodidact and resourceful.

We're looking for someone who can take all this onboard while we're small, but also someone who would be interested in growing with our business in the long term as we continue our rapid ascent. Someone who can take things from A, all the way to Z without getting stuck, filling any gaps in their skillset through their network and know how.

More importantly, you'll be someone with a growth mindset and grit, who can work hard and handle long hours when needed. And teach themselves what they need to know. This isn't a traditional 9-5 position... Expect to be pushed! You'll need to be the type that can handle ambiguity and multiple things competing for your attention.

It would definitely be an extra plus if you had an interest in taking what we think can be an intimidating, or at least confusing product (wine) and building technology to help our customers to drink wines they will love (think recommendation systems, machine learning, Spotify.)

Lastly, you'll always be pushing and challenging the rest of the team and the status quo with your opinions and ideas. Well thought out of course ;)

So if you're the type that loves writing a website from scratch and you were reading the above and thought: 'Damn! That's me,' and you've got the skill set to match, then let's pause for a second, while we tell you a little bit about us, so you can decide if we're the right fit for you.

Who we are...

We are a Sydney based, early stage wine startup with the mission to take the intimidation and confusion out of learning, exploring and most importantly drinking delicious bottles of wine. We are building a wine brand that is simultaneously remarkable yet inclusive, and it’s our mission to provide our customers with access to a world of wine that may just have been a little beyond their comfort zone.

We like to think of ourselves as providing monthly wine adventures, customised to each member's unique tastes, delivered to their door. Where they can learn as much (or as little) about their wines each month as they like. We're about two years old, and we've just started to hit our stride. If this sounds good so far? Great! Keep reading...

So what's in it for you?

You can expect to play a massive role in growing what we're building. We've got grand ambitions for where we want to take this baby, and you're going to play a huge part in getting us there. You'll be the lead dev of your own little web empire (aka you) with a lot of autonomy, so self-drive is a must. But you can also expect a lot of support from the rest of the team.

You can expect to work hard, but productively, with a focus on results, not face time. You'll be moving quickly and facing new challenges every day. We're constantly testing and experimenting, so mistakes are going to happen. But we're cool with that because we're constantly learning and improving as we go.

Compensation is negotiable for the right person, with employee share options in the company a definite possibility. And of course, there's a free wine subscription with your name on it!

'Okay. You've got me. What do I have to do?'

You're a grown up. You know how this works (well at least we hope you're a grown-up).

  1. Please let us know why you'd be an awesome addition to the team.
  2. Share your CV or Linkedin with us.
  3. Create a list (ideally with links and a quick summary) of the top 3 projects you've worked on.
  4. Create a list of the top 5 open source libraries you use.
  5. Send all this info to

And that's the whole burrito. If you've read this far, you must really be interested! And we're excited to hear from you.