The town of Heathcote in Central Victoria has, in recent years, become somewhat renowned for the production of high-quality Sangiovese wines. One of the reasons for this is due to the work of Foster e Rocco, a relatively new winery on the scene run by good friends Adam Foster and Lincoln Riley.

Their mission is a simple one - to produce the kind of wines they would want to drink themselves. What does that entail? Essentially, three things: accessibility (nothing pretentious here, just good, drinkable, delicious wine), food friendliness, and plenty of character.

The Italian influence on Foster e Rocco goes beyond the name. Their output is heavily influenced by the wines of Tuscany and other regions of Italy, with Sangiovese being their principal grape varietal.

However, the aim is to create wines which offer a nod to the Old World, while being recognisably Australian in their approach and approachability, interesting and refined, but also great fun to drink alongside a barbeque, or while chilling out with a pizza with your mates.

Adam and Lincoln are open to experimentation, using oak when it suits them and the wine style they’re striving for, and are keen to keep intervention in the vineyard as low as possible in order to ensure the best results and the highest levels of expression.

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