The visionary vintner behind Fighting Gully Road, Mark Walpole, is quoted as saying that he has never been content with the status quo, and goes out of his way to do things differently. It shows.

He’s widely regarded as one of Australia’s most talented viticulturalists, and his projects up on the Beechworth Plateau reveal an extraordinary array of grape varieties - some of which are barely pronounceable, let alone recognisable. Ehrenfelser, Odola, Saperavi… all grapes grown at Fighting Gully Road, and used in Walpole’s remarkable blends which take the familiar and turn them on their head.

Fighting Gully Road is essentially a cold-climate, sustainable and ecological operation. Chemical intervention is kept to an absolute minimum, and the grape growers go to great lengths to ensure that as much of the land they work with stays with the fruit as it is processed and bottled.

The result is an eye-opening range of wines, which are quickly gathering a devoted audience enraptured by what is coming out of this amazing corner of Australia.

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