When founders Travis and Cat Sanders set up Farmgate Cheese in 2010 from their home in Melbourne, it was a humble, family-run affair, dedicated to sorting the wheat from the chaff in the luxury cheese and accompaniments industry.

Since then, they’ve found - along with their dedicated and passionate team - some of the finest luxury foodstuffs out there, sourced from true artisans at the peak of their powers.

As we all know, not all cheeses are created equal - and it takes a discerning eye, an experienced palate, and an expert approach to pick and choose the very cream of the crop for today’s ever more demanding audience.

This is where Farmgate steps in, doing the hard work for you and ensuring you receive items which are not only truly memorable, but which are genuinely handcrafted, unique and - of course - absolutely bloody fantastic to eat!

It isn’t all about cheese, though. While Farmgate are probably best known for their dairy delights (including their unique cheese celebration cakes, which prove a hit at weddings and parties across Australia), they also source wine, jellies, jams, pickles and condiments.

Basically, if it belongs on the best cheese board you ever saw, is small-batched, locally sourced and made with love, Farmgate are on it and ready to supply.

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