Margaret River is one of those Australian wine regions where there seems to be a real sense of magic in the soil. It’s home to some huge winemaking monoliths, just as it is home to some teeny-tiny small batch producers making sure each and every bottle does justice to the land and label. Dormilona is definitely of the latter variety, and we really fell in love with the slow and steady approach, meticulous attention to detail, and determination to keep things as small, as natural, and as quality as possible. Run by Jimmy and Josephine Perry, Dormilona sources organic and biodynamic grapes from across Margaret River, carefully choosing those which they feel have the character their wines deserve. Once selected, they hand-make each and every batch from their tiny winery in Cowaramup.

Dormilona means ‘lazy bones’ in Spanish, and while we wouldn’t exactly describe running an increasingly popular organic winery as a married couple ‘lazy’, it does go some way towards describing certain aspects of the winery’s approach. This is a label which really values letting the soil and the earth do the hard work, and allowing the fruit to reach its maximum expressing without messing about, without chemical intervention, and without having to wake up at dawn to spray fertilisers all other the vines. By letting nature take the lead, not only do you get to have a few more lie-ins on a Saturday morning, you get wines which lose nothing of their terroir in the bottle. That’s the Dormilona way, and we’re absolutely on board with it!

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