Vigneron Jean-Marie Rimbert first rolled into Languedoc a quarter of a century ago, and he claims it was love at first sight... or at least, love at first sip. He put the work in for five years managing the vineyards of Chateau de Flaugergues, getting to know the land, and covertly scouting out the best plots for what was to be his ultimate passion project, and when the time was right, he opened Domaine Rimbert.

The winery was based around a plot of ancient, gnarled Carignan vines, which had slowly grown in the mineral-rich schist soils for around a hundred years, providing the perfect opportunity for making rosé wines capable of unrivaled levels of expression. Rimbert wanted his Carignan wines to be the ultimate display of the capabilities of the Languedoc, and this led him to make the decision to set up Domaine Rimbert as a certified organic winery.

As such, no chemical intervention takes place across his 20 hectares of prime land, and only wild, indigenous yeasts are used. Hand picking, whole bunch fermentation and basket pressing are also used at Domaine Rimbert – each practice is employed to ensure that not a single feature of his land is lost between vineyard and bottle.

The result? Rosé wines which go above and beyond the call of duty, and which are for so much more than mere summer drinking. Truly delicious, totally natural, and a product of love, respect and passion for quality, sustainable viticulture.

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