A fine Provence rosé is a wonderful thing indeed. The passionate and innovative winemakers at Domaine d'Estienne - an established winery quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most impressive in the region - know this better than most, and have perfected their craft over the past decades to consistently deliver the goods, time after time. Their wines perfectly capture the subtleties and complexities of their awe-inspiring southern French terroir, which sits back from the Mediterranean, yet catches those brisk sea breezes in order to ensure slow and impactful ripening of their flawless fruit.

Using a combination of traditional French viticultural methods and state-of-the-art winemaking equipment, the team at d'Estienne are able to truly make the most of their wonderful Provence grapes. Their wine is made from a masterful blend of Grenache and Syrah, grown in the mineral-rich and saline soils of Alpes de Haute Provence IGP, and managed to ensure small yields which pack in a massive amount of flavour. Because the winemakers allow only the most minimal contact with the skins, seeds, and stems of their grapes during maceration, that distinctive and delicate Provencal blush of pink is achieved perfectly, lending their wines a sense of juiciness and body countered by the natural acidity of the fruit. Make no mistake, this is Provence rosé at its finest, made by those who take their craft, heritage, and sense of time and place very seriously indeed.

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