A few years back, a viticulturist by the name of Peter Bolte happened upon an idea of using the last row (often unpicked) of grapes in a vineyard and having a crack at making some wine for himself. He gathered a few mates and took refuge in his shed and began crushing. There was one thing that inevitably happened every time they undertook this process though - a few beers were consumed. This led to the 9-year-old son of Peter’s partner to name them the “Dodgy Brothers”.

This was a few years ago. Now a serious business, Peter has teamed up with winemaker Wes Pearson, a Canadian who, with his family, had recently relocated to McLaren Vale from France. Recently they have added a third Dodgy Brother - Peter Sommerville, a grape grower extraordinaire. The quality of the product has changed (for the better), but the original Dodgy Brothers’ ideals haven’t.

Good wine, made for fun times, from great grapes grown under the McLaren Vale sun.

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