Here at The Wine Gallery, we always find it exciting when winemakers bring something of their old countries to Australia. It’s something which rarely fails to lead to exciting results, and involves skills and knowledge of winemaking being taken from the other side of the world, and brought Down Under where the terroir is flawless, the climate perfect, and all those pesky European laws and regulations are nowhere to be found. This is exactly the case with Dal Zotto.

For all intents and purposes, this is a classic family-run Italian winery, where passions run high, perfection is the only standard, and where flavour and character always come first. The fact that Dal Zotto is based in King Valley, Australia, merely enhances their brilliance, and allows the vintners to experiment freely with their favourite varietals from back home. What’s not to love?

Dal Zotto is a winery which is run with a key philosophy and motto at its heart: ‘your origins are just as important as your future’. In a sense, that really says it all: this operation is one which may well have one foot firmly back in rural Italy, but their sights are set firmly on the possibilities and opportunities which Australia has provided them.

After all, those delicious Italian grape varietals (which include Glera, Barbera, Fiano, and Garganega among others) sit side by side with international varietals which the winemaking family simply wouldn’t be allowed to vinify were they back in Europe. The wines of Dal Zotto are filled with a vibrancy, a dedication to excellence, and a set of flavours which encapsulate their approach, and are a must-try for those who want to see just how flexible and versatile our endlessly fascinating wine regions really are.

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