There’s something brilliantly refreshing about Cragg Cru - and we’re not just referring to their gorgeously crisp white wine. This is a company which has thrown itself headfirst into the modern, young, hip and inventive side of McLaren Vale, approaching winemaking in a way which feels fresh, new, slightly rebellious, even, and yet has the results to justify every risk they take. With their distinctive South African designs on their bottles and branding, unusual grape varietal usage, and bold, boisterous flavours, this is a winery which demands your attention, and is ready to take you into the right here, right now of the Aussie wine scene.

The philosophy behind Cragg Cru is to bring an alternative, funky, dynamic rhythm to the McLaren Vale, and to be open to experimentation when it comes to the fruits being used. That’s why their current range consists of Fiano, Grenache and Greanche Touriga - none of which are exactly commonplace in the Vale, or indeed anywhere else in Australia. However, it’s pioneering wineries like Cragg Cru which have the power to make a massive difference, and introduce wine lovers to new flavours and approaches which have the potential to become firm favourites down the line. The guys at Cragg Cru wouldn’t say they’re trying to turn the wine scene on its head, though - they’re just making wines which they love to drink themselves, and which capture some of their personality in every bottle. Who could ask for more than that?

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