Kimberly and James Cooter are the joint captains of the seemingly unstoppable ship that is Cooter & Cooter, a McLaren Vale winery based in the stunning Whites Valley that continues to make impressive waves on the Aussie wine scene. While they come from a family which has dabbled in winemaking on several occasions over the past 150 years, their passion and dedication for quality vino is a thoroughly modern one. Indeed, they’ve committed themselves and their skills to making the kinds of bottles 21st century Australian wine fans adore: packed full of flavour, bursting with character, and with a true reflection of the land on which the grapes are grown. The result of their labours is an impressive portfolio of wine styles, each of which balances drinkability and approachability with a rare finesse - exactly the type of wine we love to share with our mates while enjoying a home-cooked dinner!

While the vast majority of their wine grapes are grown in the coastal vineyards they purchased back in 2012, they also source some seriously top-quality grapes from Clare Valley, too. The philosophy and approach remains the same, however, no matter where their fruit comes from: James and Kimberly believe in small batches, low yields, low intervention and a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques… essentially, doing a good job with the raw ingredients they have access to, treating the fruit with respect, and letting the terroir do the talking. They’ve got the family experience to ensure the high notes are hit time and time again, and we’re more than excited to be checking out each and every one of their latest releases.

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