When it comes to European wines riding high on the waves of fashion right now, Nero d’Avola - the signature red wine style of Sicily - is the one which everyone’s talking about. Cultivated on the melting pot Italian island for well over two thousand years, it’s a grape which has captured the imaginations of wine drinkers worldwide. This has been partly due to the incredible hard work, vision, and perseverance of a group of Sicilian vintners, who have overturned the less-than-ideal reputation of Sicilian wine in just a decade or two, and have risen through the ranks to become genuinely world-beating producers of seriously high-quality vino.

The winery of Costantino, situated in the beautiful volcanic north-westerly tip of the island, has played a significant role in this Sicilian wine renaissance, and their wonderful Nero d’Avola wines are an impressive testament to their unwavering belief in their land, their techniques, and their treasured indigenous fruit.

Costantino was founded back in 1960 by Papa Onofrio, and it is his grandchildren who have taken the winery’s helm in the 21st century, with their eyes firmly fixed on a growing global audience of Nero d’Avola fans. However, just like their grandfather, the current Costantino vintners are completely committed to capturing the real essence of the Sicilian sunshine in their wines, and keeping everything as rustic, simple, and straightforward as he would have liked. After all, with grapes and soils this good, and with wine this delicious, why would you mess about with such a winning formula?

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