Good things come to those who wait… we all know that to be true. Just imagine how excited the Cirillo family must have been back in 1973 when they took over their estate in the Barossa Valley, which boasted some of Australia’s oldest vineyards. The aged vines which grew there quickly proved to be capable of producing phenomenally deeply-flavourful fruit, and have since been hailed as the oldest continuously harvest Grenache vines on earth. All that time, all those years, and all that careful, loving attention has led the vineyards of the Cirillo winery to reach somewhat legendary status, and they continue to this day to churn out amazing grapes, destined for truly amazing wines.

That’s not to say that the Cirillo family are happy to rest on their laurels, though. It would be all too easy to market their wines as being made from record-breaking vines… but that’s not how they do things in Barossa Valley. This is a winery which takes their job and their reputation very seriously indeed, and the winemakers who call it home by no means find themselves bound by history or tradition. In fact, Cirillo manages to be a consistently and impressively modern winery, happy to change with the times and lead the way when it comes to the expression of flavour and terroir, approachability matched with elegance, and an uncompromising attitude towards excellence. These are authentic Aussie wines, almost two hundred years in the making.

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