Head down to the south of France, and you’ll find yourself in some of the finest wine country on earth. Quite why this part of the world is so successful and prodigiously inspiring when it comes to winemaking is a bit of a mystery.

Is it the thousands of years of history? Are the soils really that much better than elsewhere? Is there something in the water? It’s hard to put your finger on what continues to give these regions such distinction, but it’s most probably a combination of all the above, plus the fact that here, expertise, skills, techniques, and approaches have been handed down for generations, ensuring that the wines just get better and better as the decades and centuries roll on.

You get a real sense of that at Chateau Riotor, a beautiful winery in Provence which oversees some truly stunning southern French vineyards, and which consistently brings out bottles which not only do justice to the region, but which also get people sitting up and taking notice. No mean feat in a part of the world where tradition reigns absolutely supreme.

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