Hidden away in a quiet corner of the Bergerac region, you can find the beautiful Chateau les Bardoulets - one of the region’s most prolific and beloved producers of high quality red, white, and rosé wines.

Chateau Les Bardoulets is an institution in Bergerac, a region that has lived in the shadow of its infinitely more famous neighbour Bordeaux for centuries. In this pocket of south-western France, where the same Bordeaux-inspired blend of grapes are planted, vignerons and grape-growers have quietly gone about their business for generations, making fine wines that display all the elegance and softness that French wine is known for, but without the international fanfare.

Slowly however they are stepping out of the shadows, and making their voices heard, and with good reason. Chateau Les Bardoulets is one of those to push forward with exports overseas and ensuring that this important region isn't completely overlooked.

With a traditional mix of varieties planted in their vineyards and a great spread of vineyards across the region, they are able to accurately enunciate the 'voice' of the region.

Both reds and whites receive equal attention, and the purity of the wines reflects the care and passion that goes into every bottle.

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