There was a time - and not all that long ago - that Chile was considered the home of cheap and cheerful red wines which were nothing much to write home about (but which did the trick for your neighbour’s barbecue)... and very little else. To say things have changed would be a massive understatement, and that change has been driven by the hard work, dedication, and passion put into the development of the country’s viticulture spearheaded by wineries like Casa Silva Coleccion.

For decades, the winemakers, grape growers, and oenologists who make up the Casa Silva Coleccion team and network have invested huge amounts of time and money into understanding the Carmenere grape, its oddities, its unique qualities, and what would make it hit its full potential. That hard work and all that time certainly paid off, as this winery holds the record for being the biggest prize-winner in the world - and it all comes down to their work with that one iconic grape varietal.

The vintners of this winery work with carefully selected plots in the beautiful and dramatic Colchagua Valley, where some of the grapevines are almost a hundred years old. These heritage vines are given a huge amount of freedom to sprawl their way up and down the valley, and they produce fruit which really captures all the unique characteristics of the land. The relatively cool climate and long growing season result in gorgeously ripe and expressive grapes, which are then picked for quality and brought over to the winery to be processed.

Casa Silva Coleccion uses a range of simple and traditional methods borrowed from the founders’ Italian forebears, as well as the kind of forward-looking equipment and impressive kit that the Chilean wine industry is known for. The results are frankly spectacular and demonstrate just why Chile and the Colchagua Valley has rocketed up to become one of the homes of the world’s best red wines today.

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