The beautiful wine region of Puglia (the ‘heel’ of Italy’s boot) is best known for boisterous, full-bodied, and rather alcohol-heavy red wines. What a delight, then, it is to find a winery which uses the deeply flavourful grapes of this part of Europe for the production of truly fascinating rosé instead. De Falco winery is a family business which understands the importance of Puglia’s place in the wine world, and which knows the unique characteristics of the stunning Salento appellations it works with on a truly profound level. For generations, the de Falcos have been growing Negroamaro grapes in their mineral-rich, volcanic soils for the production of red and rosé wines, and over the last century, they’ve gained the insight and expertise to really bring out a remarkable spectrum of flavours and aromas from their fruit. Today, the winery is overseen by Gabriel de Falco, whose vision for his family business has been to open up to the international market, and to create modern, dynamic, and delicious rosé for the world to discover and enjoy.

Gabriel de Falco works with the descendents of Negroamaro grapes which have been grown in an around Salento for up to 3,000 years (these grapes were first brought over from ancient Greece, and flourished in the sun-baked terroir which this winery calls its own). Using heritage vines of over a hundred years old, Gabriel’s wines are able to capture the real essence of this land, and allow the rest of the world to experience what was until relatively recently one of southern Italy’s best-kept secrets. Minimal intervention, a range of traditional production methods, and a meticulous attention to detail means that de Falco wines hit the high notes time after time, and offer a rich, juicy, and utterly fascinating twist on European rosé as we know it.

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