If you’ve got siblings of your own, then you’ll know the story perfectly well: as kids, your parents would go crazy trying to get you to stop fighting and looking for activities you can get involved with together if only to stop the screaming for five minutes.

This was certainly the case for rival brothers Angus and Sam Wardlaw, who - by their own accounts - were an absolute bloody nightmare for their mother during their formative years.

Luckily, their dad was David Wardlaw - one of the original winemaker pioneers in the Barossa Valley in the 1970s - whose knowledge and awe-inspiring wine cellar finally united the warring Wardlaw brothers, when they finally reached legal drinking age.

Today, Angus and Sam might not agree on everything, but they’re more than capable of sharing the same vision when it comes to the production of their superb Barossa Valley wines.

They set up Brothers at War in 2013, and made it a personal goal to reach out to all of the valley’s finest grape growers, and continue the work their dad had started decades earlier. The result? Unique, characterful wines, which perfectly represent the laid-back, approachable and relaxed atmosphere we associate with this gorgeous part of Australia.

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