Every wine region needs its fair share of traditionalists and mavericks. The traditionalists keep the spirit of the region alive, and maintain the traditions, flavours, and techniques which make the location unique and special… while the mavericks rip up the rulebook, and blaze new trails for others to follow. Boekenhoutskloof’s Marc Kent sits squarely between these two extremes. On the one hand, he’s the proud owner of one of South Africa’s oldest and most prestigious estates, having been established way back in the 1750’s by Dutch settlers. On the other, he’s constantly on the lookout for ways to continue bringing the South African wine scene into the future; whether by experimenting with new varietals, checking out the latest technologies and winemaking methods, or innovating new ways to make those flavours zing on the palate.

The sheer range of grape varietals planted by Marc Kent across his Cape Lands vineyards goes some way towards showing just how innovative his approach is. You’ll find South African classics like Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon, but further north, you’ll come across his plantings of Viognier, Mourvedre, Semillon, and Garnacha - wine grapes which don’t have much history in the region, and yet which are growing beautifully thanks to the care and attention given to them.

By working closely with the land and the flora and fauna he shares it with (indeed, Marc Kent is a keen naturalist, and is involved with the protection of his resident porcupines), Boekenhoutskloof is a shining example of a contemporary South African winery, packing in character, forward-thinking approaches, and a healthy dose of old-fashioned excellence into every bottle.

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