Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine you’re standing among the looming peaks of the Pyrenees mountain range - that great jagged ridge that carves its way through southern Europe. This is exactly the landscape that has inspired and informed the creation of Bodegas Pirineos, a thrilling new Spanish winery bringing lesser-known local varietals to the tables of quality wine fans worldwide. Frankly, we couldn’t be happier. Bodegas Pirineos is a real labour of love, and is headed by a small group of dedicated vintners determined to show off Spain’s incredible range and variety, and introduce wine lovers to styles they’d possibly never otherwise experience.

With their high altitude vineyards, Bodegas Pirineos are able to ensure that their wines really pack in massive amount of expression from their fruit. Ripened under the blazing Spanish sunshine, tempered by mountain winds, and fed by the mineral-rich soils of this beautiful part of the world, these are Spanish wines which are the very essence of their environment. With a committed low-intervention approach to viticulture, you’re able to indulge in flavours and aromas which are as eye-opening as they are authentic. We’ve no doubt we’ll be hearing plenty more from Bodegas Pirineos in the near future, and that can only be a great thing.

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