Deep in the heart of the Caroig Massif, in the beautiful Spanish region of Valencia, we find the family-run winery of Bodegas Enguera.

In this part of Spain, wine is very much a way of life. It’s hardly surprising, as the conditions of this region are more or less ideal for high-quality viticulture. The sun beats down on the mountainous vineyards, and the sparkling blue sea is never too far away, bringing in brisk breezes which temper the heat and bring balance to the vines.

Bodegas Enguera was founded in 1999 as an attempt to capture all that makes this corner of Valencia special - the rich soils, the perfect climate, and the passion the people of the region have for great wine, to be drank heartily alongside wonderful dishes, with friends and family gathered around.

Bodegas Enguera is all about keeping things close. The whole operation, from the grape growing to the bottling, takes place within land owned by the estate, so the vintners have absolute control and authority over what goes into each and every bottle.

This way, Bodegas Enguera can ensure that what their customers are drinking is a true expression of Valencia, made with love and passion by people who know their land, and know how to make the most of what it has to offer.

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