The name might be about as Scottish as it’s possible to be, but this winery is Australian through and through. Set up by visionary winemaker Stuart Hooper in the early 1970’s (on land which had a century-long track record of top-notch wine production) Bannockburn quickly became one of the pioneering Aussie Shiraz wineries which helped make the industry what it is today. Hooper became famed not only for the quality of his wines, but also for his purist and uncompromising approach, insistence on using minimal intervention, and his absolute commitment to excellence and innovation.

Once Stuart passed away, the winery was handed over to his highly capable daughters, who quickly set about making Bannockburn the kind of business that could adapt and evolve in the 21st century. With a crack team of oenologists and viticulturalists keen to keep the founder’s memory and approaches alive, Bannockburn has moved further into the realm of natural, organic winemaking… their belief is that the quality of the fruit must always shine through, and that the grapes themselves are capable of doing the hard work out in the vineyards. Always forward-thinking - in the 70s and 80s, Australia was obsessed with Bordeaux varietals while Hooper insisted on planting Burgundian grapes - and always seeking new ways to hit the highest highs of flavour and expression, Bannockburn has more than earned its place as one of Australia’s most respected wineries.

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