Lie back, close your eyes, and imagine a quintessentially Italian winery.

What springs to your mind? Most probably, it would be something along the lines of Antonutti; a family-run winery based in the little-known region of Grave di Friuli.

This gorgeous, small operation is nestled among rolling hillsides and has been run for a hundred years by the Antonutti family, who strike that balance of passionate expertise and laid-back nonchalance that the Italians do so well.

Headed by matriarch Adriana Antonutti, this winery is at the heart of what the family do, from the moment they’re capable of picking a grape from a vine - and judging from the quality of their produce and the reputation they’re garnering, we reckon they’ve got at least another century of quality viticulture in them.

As far as the Antonutti family are concerned, the credit for their superb wines is placed solely in the fertile terroir of the Friuli region, which is situated in the north-east of Italy near the Slovenian border. Majestic, snow-capped mountains loom on the horizon, and create a unique micro-climate which is ideal for the production of the lean, crisp wines Antonutti has become famed for.

On their much-loved land, vines grow slowly and steadily, and the heat of the sun is tempered by cooling alpine breezes and fresh sea winds blowing in from the Adriatic. The result of this combination of conditions? Wines which possess a beautiful clarity and structure, and plenty of balance from their lengthy ripening period.

Factor in the Antonutti’s obsession with using their superb land to full effect, and you have a set of wines which are starting to put Grave di Friuli on every fine Italian wine lover’s map.

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