2x2 is one of the labels produced by Billy Button Wines, one of the most interesting wineries to come out of Australia in recent years. Overseen by the tireless Jo Marsh, and taking its inspiration from the Alpine wineries of northern Italy, Billy Button has brought a real breath of fresh air to the scene. Indeed, people are flocking to these wines like mountain goats to a feeding trough, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Jo Marsh approaches winemaking with all the enthusiasm and wild abandon of a kid in a sweet shop - she’s pioneering new blends, experimenting with a wide range of grapes, and let the flavours and combinations she creates speak for themselves. The results, as we can attest, are nothing short of fabulous.

Ever since Billy Button was established, Jo Marsh was on a mission to completely rip up the rulebook, and make wines according to her own instincts - after all, what’s the point in making wines which you wouldn’t want to share with your mates?

She’s always claimed that her wines exist to crack a smile rather than furrow any brows in deep concentration, and she’s not afraid to go out on a limb to achieve that result. As such, her recent releases have been made from grapes we’ve not seen before in Australia - her portfolio features Verduzzo and Friulano wines, to name just two - and she’ll happily mix together French and Italian varietals… just because she thinks the results are more than worth the risk. We think it’s fair to say Australia is lucky to have her, and she deserves every ounce of her ever-growing success.

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